Finnish water treatment know-how to Russia

Econet_kroppadThe Finnish company Econet Oy, active in the field of water treatment and environmental technology, has analysed its opportunities for setting up a business in North-West Russia in a feasibility study co-financed by Nopef. Econet has reached a significant market opportunity through an agreement with the Russian company Vodokanal, for the planning, delivery and installation of process equipment for a pump station in a new drainage tunnel. The delivery, which is to be completed in cooperation with the Finnish company Onninen Oy, is a part of the Neva Direct Discharge Closure Program, with the purpose of minimizing direct emissions into the Neva River in St. Petersburg.

The project is valued at close to 16 million euros, and the delivery comprises technological solutions that are unique from a global perspective, explains Taina Dammert, Quality and Environment Manager at Econet. The collection drainage tunnel is sited at a depth of around 80 metres, and solid waste is filtered out of the wastewater in a cleaning grille that is almost 60 metres high. The waste is then crushed and led back to the wastewater pump station through a discharge tunnel.

During the feasibility study, Econet collected data from a range of industries and detailed information about future investment plans in the water treatment and environmental sector. In addition, Econet has familiarised itself with the water processing targets in different parts of North-West Russia, and has acquired a solid understanding of project schedules, objectives and challenges.

“The project has raised the profile of the company on the market significantly, and has helped to set up new contacts and partnerships” says Taina Dammert. The company has also identified potential partners in the field of water processing for power stations and district heating generation, and within industrial and public water processing – primarily in the area around Murmansk, Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg.

“The market for environmental technology is still very underdeveloped in Russia, and many projects fail due to a lack of funding,” explains Taina Dammert. However, there is a huge need to build and upgrade wastewater purification plants and treatment facilities for domestic water. Finnish project and technology skills can be introduced in Russia through pilot projects. “Such projects can increasingly function as gateways for the export of Finnish expertise in the field of water technology,” concludes Taina Dammert.


Picture: Econet Oy

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