Machining skills to China

Rudhäll Industri AB has established a subsidiary in Ningbo, China – Rudhäll China QLC –which will work for the entire Rudhäll Group on the Chinese market. Rudhäll Industri is a specialist in delivering a comprehensive range of machined components. To start with, the subsidiary will be focusing on purchasing, quality assurance and sales, but in the long term it will be looking to expand operations through the addition of local assembly. The companys feasibility study in China was completed with co-financing from Nopef.

Andreas Simonsson, CEO of the business in China, explains that focus on quality and unique skills in the field of machining will constitute the companys strongest competitive advantages on the Chinese market. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Rudhäll can maintain complete control of its local business and thus assure quality in all processes.

By establishing its own operation in China, the company will also develop its skills even further to accommodate clients specific needs and thus to assist them in achieving significant environmental savings. Clients in China are placing increasing emphasis on optimising their production routines, minimising manufacturing costs and achieving higher quality and delivery reliability. In Rudhälls experience, clients can save up to 20 per cent of the raw materials they use by adapting their production methods appropriately from the perspective of the design and shape of the components.

Rudhäll has chosen to base its operations in Ningbo because the city offers good logistics as well as proximity to potential customers and suppliers. Andreas Simonsson states that the business in China has got off to a good start and that Rudhälls main suppliers are primarily based in Ningbo and Taiwan. Opportunities for development and sales on the Chinese market are excellent for Rudhäll on account of steadily increasing quality consciousness in the country.

The Nordic region is currently the companys principal market, but as Rudhälls customers are progressively manufacturing their products in China, the company increasingly needs to be able to provide local deliveries and service. This allows customers to avoid problems with transport losses and gives them access to faster resolution of any quality issues. The company operates a modern machine fleet in Gnosjö, Sweden, and possesses extensive skills in the field of machining – particularly turning. Rudhäll works as a supplier to the automotive industry and the electronics sector in particular, producing components matched to the appropriate manufacturing technology. As a result, the company often advises customers about the choice of manufacturing method, which leads to savings in materials, energy and time.

Photo: Rudhäll Industri AB

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