Processfilter AB expanding in Brazil

case_brasilien_bigFollowing a successful feasibility study partly financed by Nopef, the Swedish environmental company Processfilter AB has started selling industrial filter systems to industrial companies in Brazil. Collaboration is also underway with mechanical engineers who will build filter systems on site in São Paulo. There is major interest in environmental technology in Brazil, where Swedish industry made its first commercial exports as long ago as 1891. There are currently around 200 Swedish companies established in Brazil. This bond was further strengthened following Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldts latest visit to the country in the spring. Brazil is a large market enjoying strong growth, and in which requirements for industrial emissions are currently being further tightened. This bodes well for the long-term future of Processfilters products. Having a local production facility reduces the cost of both freight and high import duties on industrial goods. It also provides Processfilter with a better insight into and understanding of the local market.

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