Helping Nordic green solutions to grow on global markets

How can Nopef support your internationalisation project?

If you represent a Nordic company with a proven solution related to environment protection, renewable energy, climate change mitigation or other type of sustainability, and you plan to expand abroad with your solution, Nopef (Nordic Project Fund) financing can help you on the way.

Nopef finances feasibility studies related to green growth and sustainable development in a country outside EU/Efta for Nordic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and midcap companies. The feasibility studies aim to assess the establishment of long-term business operations in the project country. The main priority is that the project or expansion should contribute to a direct or indirect environmental impact and an increased environmental awareness in the target countries.

The objective of Nopef financing is to facilitate the implementation of Nordic green solutions on a global market and strengthen the international competitiveness of Nordic companies.

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A Nordic company which has fewer than 500 employees and less than EUR 100 million in turnover.

The project contributes to positive environmental effects.

The company has sufficient resources to implement an establishment of business operations in the project country, outside the EU/Efta.

The project contributes to the benefit of the Nordic countries.

Our latest projects


Start-up in China fuelling rapid growth

For Næsby Maskinfabrik A/S (NMF) from Odense in Denmark, establishing a base in China was imperative.


Processfilter AB expanding in Brazil

Swedish environmental company Processfilter AB has started selling industrial filter systems to industrial companies in Brazil.

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About us

Nopef is a project fund managed by NEFCO since 2014 and financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The primary objective is to support the internationalisation of Nordic small and medium-sized (SMEs) and midcap companies outside the EU/Efta by offering grants for feasibility studies. Over the years, some 3000 projects have received financing from Nopef, resulting in more than 1,000 established businesses outside the Nordic countries.


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