Nopef finances feasibility studies for internationalisation

What does Nopef do?

Nopef finances feasibility studies related to green growth and sustainable development in a country outside EU/Efta for Nordic small and medium-sized companies.

The feasibility studies should contribute to a direct or indirect environmental impact and an increased environmental awareness in the project countries and aim to assess the establishment of long term business operations in the project country.

Nopefs objective is to strengthen the international competitiveness of Nordic businesses by financing feasibility studies and activities aiming at internationalisation.

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The Nordic Environment Finance Company NEFCO is an international financial institution founded by the Nordic countries in 1990. NEFCO finances investments in green growth primarily in Eastern Europe, along with global climate projects. The company’s focus is on small and medium-sized projects. NEFCO’s main aim is to create positive environmental effects that are of interest to the Nordic countries.

Nopef is administered by NEFCO and financed by Nordic Council of Ministers. Nopef’s primary objective is to promote the internationalisation of Nordic small and medium-sized companies with a focus on financing project studies related to the environment, climate and green growth.

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