Approved projects

Granted feasibility studies

Here we are listing all projects that have been granted financing from Nopef each year.

Approved projects 2019

Company name Country Business area
Owatec Group Oy Finland Treatment of wastewater from industry
AdminPartner AS Norway Handling of marin based waste
Onsite Treatment Technologies AS Norway Treatment of contaminated waste
HØST Verdien i Avfall AS Norway Fertilisers from organic waste
WasteHero ApS Denmark Digital solutions for waste management
Green Instruments A/S Denmark Environmental monitoring equipment
Effimat Storage Technology A/S Denmark Energy efficient automation solutions
Alelion Energy Systems AB Sweden Lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems
CAMA Lift ApS Denmark Energy efficient wheelchair lifts
Free Energy Innovation AS Norway Hybrid heat pump systems
Einride AB Sweden Self-driving electric transport vehicles
Fergas Group AB Sweden Energy efficient fans and fansystems
Tapflo AB Sweden Energy efficient industrial pumps
Bærebo A/S Denmark Sustainable housing
NTU International A/S Denmark Environmental consulting
Voysys AB Sweden IT for remote control of vehicles
Trusted A/S Denmark Sensors for transport optimisation
Robotic Lawn Care Sweden AB Sweden Electric robotic lawn mowers
Modio AB Sweden Digital solutions for energy efficiency
Unimi Solutions AB Sweden Foundations for EV charging stations
JWL A/S Denmark Energy efficient compressed air equipment
SCADA International A/S Denmark Control systems for windmills
Kanda ApS Denmark AR/VR solutions for the renewable energy sector
Rose Holm A/S Denmark Equipment for the wind industry
Norsepower Oy Ltd Finland Rotor sails for mechanical propulsion of vessels
Viking Wind ApS Denmark Off-grid small scale windmills
Racell Saphire ApS Denmark Solar cell assembly production
Stella Futura AB Sweden Off-grid solar
Engiso ApS Denmark Special equipment for the wind sector
Ven-to ApS Denmark Installation in the wind industry
Pesitho Holding ApS Denmark Solar powered cook stoves
Gemidan Ecogi A/S Denmark Biomass sorting equipment
Head Energy Denmark A/S Denmark Offshore windmills
ProCon Wind Energy A/S Denmark Components for offshore windmills
Welcon A/S Denmark Foundations for offshore windmills
Comtec International A/S Denmark Safety gear for the wind industry
Doranova Oy Finland Biogas solutions
Absolicon Solar Collector AB Sweden Concentrated solar collectors
HYTOR Tools Solutions A/S Denmark Specialised tools for the wind industry
Windar Photonics A/S Denmark Measurement systems for windmills
Verkis hf. Iceland Consultancy services within hydropower
ReCap Finance AB Sweden Installation of solar power
New Power Partners ApS Denmark Installation of offshore wind parks
Peak Wind ApS Denmark Services in the wind sector
JUM-BO Consulting Group P/S Denmark Consultancy services for renewable energy
Alpha Wind Energy ApS Denmark Development of wind projects
Polar toghlerar ehf. Iceland Sustainable fishing equipment
Jyden Bur A/S Denmark Sustainable animal housing systems
Fasterholt Maskinfabrik A/S Denmark Sustainable agricultural machinery
Cold A/S Denmark Re-usable flooding barriers
Black Donuts Engineering Oy Finland Resource efficient tyre production
Cambio Healthcare Systems AB Sweden Medtech solutions for the healthcare sector
Kaslink Aito Oy Finland Plant-based food products
Tammermatic Oy Finland Sustainable washing solutions for buses
NewC ApS Denmark Digital ticketing system
Firexpress A/S Denmark Watersaving mobile fire extinguishing systems
U&W you&we Stockholm AB Sweden Consultancy within sustainability
Arctic Group A/S Denmark Environmentally certified products
Dancutter A/S Denmark Refurbishing of leaky water pipes
Dbramante1928 ApS Denmark Sustainable production of leather products
Le Cord AB Sweden Accessories made from recycled materials
Adnavem AB Sweden Digital platform for logistics services
Nordic Brass Gusum AB Sweden Lead free brass to the industry
Magsort Oy Finland Extraction of steel from steel slag
CemeCon Scandinavia A/S Denmark Environmentally friendly coating solutions
Solved Oy Finland Digital platform for sustainability services

Approved projects 2018

Company name  Country Business area
V-Dan ApS  Denmark Production of biofertilisers
Honkajoki Oy  Finland Recycling of animal residue
Waister AS  Norway Technology for organic waste treatment
Ortivus AB  Sweden IT systems for emergency medical care
Techinova AB  Sweden Technology for smart grids
Coredination AB  Sweden Digitalisation for the transport sector
Stockholm Cooling AB   Sweden Energy efficiency solutions for buildings
MultiDocker Cargo Handling AB   Sweden Hydraulic cargo handlers
Ombori Services Sweden AB   Sweden Applications for mobile commerce
Steelwrist AB   Sweden Solutions and tools for excavators
Nordicflexhouse IVS  Finland Energy efficient housing
Power Stow A/S  Denmark Energy efficient conveyors
Concria Oy  Finland Energy efficient grinding system
JS Proputec A/S  Denmark Equipment for the fishing industry
Altum Technologies Oy  Finland Industrial cleaning equipment
Frinab Fristad Industri AB   Sweden LED lighting solutions
PQR International AB  Sweden Building and installation technology
DNA Diagnostic A/S  Denmark Test kits for the foodstuff industry
Ingeniørfirmaet Poul Tarp A/S  Denmark Pumps and metering technology for milk tankers
Dan-List Maskinfabrik A/S  Denmark Energy efficient mitring machines
Greenbird Integration Technology AS  Norway Digitalisation for energy distribution
Bladefence Oy  Finland Service and installation of wind and solar power
Modelon AB   Sweden Industrial development software
Tutee ApS  Denmark Digitalisation of mentoring processes
Baseload Capital Sweden AB   Sweden Modular heat power plants
Solar Water Solutions Oy  Denmark Clean drinking water produced with solar power
Vesiotec Oy  Denmark IT solutions to the water and wastewater sector
Mannvit hf.  Iceland Geothermal energy development
Safe Wind Service A/S  Denmark Installation and service of wind mills
A-LEAF ApS  Denmark Services for the off-shore wind industry
PLS Systems AB  Sweden Solar energy
CRD Holding AB   Sweden Solar energy
Kube Energy AS  Norway Off-grid solar solutions
M-PAYG ApS  Denmark Off-grid solar solutions for private households
WindSim AS  Norway Service for the wind power sector
ReCap Finance AB  Sweden Solar energy
R&D Test Systems A/S  Denmark Test systems for wind turbines
R&D Engineering A/S  Denmark Engineering services in the wind industry
BSB Maskinfabrik A/S  Denmark Equipment for the wind industry
PolyTech A/S  Denmark Component for the wind industry
ALL NRG A/S  Denmark Installation and service of wind mills
OCS ApS  Denmark Services for the off-shore wind industry
Bioendev AB   Sweden Production of pellets
Wello Oy  Finland Electricity production using wave energy
AW – Energy Oy  Finland Electricity production using wave energy
AB Ludvig Svensson  Sweden Energy efficiency improvements in greenhouses
R2 Agro A/S  Denmark Foodstuff for animal husbandry
Nasto-Polar Rakennuspalvelut Oy  Finland Plant nurseries
Jens Ulrik Tarpgaard  Denmark Agriculture
NEPCon F.M.B.A.  Denmark Environmental certification for forestry and agriculture
Selstad AS  Norway Environmentally friendly fishing equipment
Social Foodies Holding ApS  Denmark Sustainable production of foodstuff
Harry Andersen & Søn A/S  Denmark Construction of feedmills
Greenline Fishing Gear A/S  Denmark Excluders for fishing equipment
NEPCon F.M.B.A.  Denmark Environmental certification for forestry and agriculture
JustCommonSense Europe AB   Sweden Weed control systems
SCALGO Development ApS  Denmark Development of geotechnical software
Pindstrup Mosebrug A/S  Denmark Growth substrates and propogation systems
Processus AB   Sweden Consulting related to the water sector
Primoceler Oy  Finland Environmentally friendly technology to the healthcare sector
Pro-Safe A/S  Denmark Environmentally friendly lightweight vessels
Nordic Technologies A/S  Denmark Water cleaning technology
Allsize Company A/S  Denmark Sustainable clothing
Kemi-Tech ApS  Denmark Water treatment solutions for boilers
Tise AS  Denmark Platform for sales of second hand clothes
Naturvention Oy  Finland Green walls improving indoor air quality
TransForm af 1994 ApS  Denmark Water cleaning technology
Aquaminerals Finland Oy  Finland Water treatment solutions
Infuser ApS  Denmark Industrial airpurification systems
Maritime Robotics AS  Denmark Response and environmental monitoring technology
Prime Cookstoves AS  Norway Mobile drying kilns for the agricultural sector

Approved projects 2017

Company name Country Business area
Borum Industri A/S  Denmark Efficient road maintenance machines
 Ceramic Speed Sport A/S  Denmark Production of bearings
 SkyTEM Surveys ApS  Denmark Consulting related to water solutions
 Danwind Spare Parts ApS  Denmark  Equipment for the wind energy sector
 Bactiguard AB  Sweden  Infection prevention products for health care
 Justsen Energiteknik A/S  Denmark Biomass plants
 Kesla Oyj  Finland  Environmentally friendly  forestry solutions
 Climeon AB  Sweden Industrial thermal power technology
 Develco Products A/S  Denmark Control systems for the energy sector
 DAFA A/S  Denmark Insulation materials for the energy sector
 Rose Holm A/S  Denmark Products for the wind energy sector
 Ductor Oy  Finland Bioenergy plants
 Link Solutions ApS  Denmark  Environmentally friendly cable components
 Elers Medical Finland Oy  Finland Environmentally friendly hospitaltextiles
 Altered Stockholm AB  Sweden Water saving products for households
 HM Power AB  Sweden Equipment for power suppliers
 Sontech International AB  Sweden  Sound-absorbing products for vehicle industry
 Logiwaste AB  Sweden  Waste collection solutions
 KemiTech Aps  Denmark Cleaning solutions for biomass plants
 Cleancook Sweden AB  Sweden Environmental friendly ethanol cook stoves
 Greenely AB  Sweden IT-services for energy efficiency
 3A-it A/S  Denmark Digitalisation for document handling
 VM Klima ApS  Denmark  Environmentally friendly ventilation- and cooling systems
 Axjo Plastic AB  Sweden Recycling centre for plastic waste
 Introteknik AB  Sweden Environmentally friendly surface treatment
 Fasterholt Maskinfabrik A/S  Denmark Production of agricultural machinery
 Cflow Fish Handling AS  Norway Solutions for aquaculture
 Lumine AB  Sweden LED lighting solutions
 Oxyl Clean AS  Norway Environmentally friendly disinfectants
 Sensys Gatso Sweden AB  Sweden System solutions for traffic safety
 Ductus Consulting AB  Sweden  Energy savings in private households
 Differ AS  Norway Solar energy facilities
 Flowocean AB  Sweden Offshore wind installations
 D-Tech ehf.  Iceland Environmentally friendly disinfectants for aquaculture
 OCS Overhead Conveyor System AB  Sweden Material handling and conveyor systems
 CN3 A/S  Denmark  Software for the construction industry
 Unibio A/S  Denmark Production of proteins for feedstuff
 Orwak AB  Sweden Waste management systems
 Steelwrist AB  Sweden Energy efficient excavators
 Comet Trawl ApS  Denmark Environmentally friendly fishing equipment
 TSR Electronic A/S  Denmark Energy efficiency within the fishing industry
 NEPCon  Denmark Environmental certifications and advisory
 Solarflex Aps  Denmark Solar energy plants
 Tapflo AB  Sweden Industrial membrane and centrifugal pumps
 Vlab Wind ApS  Denmark  Consulting services for the wind industry
 Cibes Lift AB  Sweden Energy efficient elevators
 Genano Oy  Finland Air purification systems
 SolarWave AB  Sweden Water purification systems
 Aurelia Turbines Oy  Finland Energy efficient gas turbines
 Simosol Oy  Finland Sustainable management of forest resources
 ReCap Finance AB  Sweden Solar energy solutions
 Kube Energy AS  Norway Off-grid solar energy
 SP Invest ApS  Denmark Products for waste water handling
 CRI ehf.  Iceland  Methanol production from industrial emissions
 Global Wind Academy ApS  Denmark  Training of service personnel in the wind power industry
 EHP Environment Oy  Finland Environmental measurement systems
 Norsk Solar AS  Norway Solar energy technology
 SolarBora AB  Sweden Off -grid solar energy
 Guardian Security & Risk Management ApS  Denmark Safety and risk handling
 Paper-Less ApS  Denmark Document handling software
 Engiso ApS  Denmark Sale of windmill components
 Cortus AB  Sweden  Renewable energy gas solutions
 Sofi Filtration Oy  Finland Industrial water filtration
 JS Ventilation A/S  Denmark  Environmentally friendly ventilationsolutions
 Granudan ApS  Denmark  Water based release agents for the wind power industry
 LinkAiders ApS  Denmark Communications systems for crisis areas
 COT-Clean Oil Technology AB  Sweden Oil filtration solutions
 Comptech Holding AB  Sweden Components for the electric vehicle industry
 Pivab AB  Sweden Environmentally friendly coating equipment
 Dafo Brand AB  Sweden Environmentally friendly fire suppression systems