Annual Review 2019

Nopef approved 2019 financing totalling EUR 2.3 million to 66 new projects.  The Annual Review 2019, which highlights the main activities and impact of Nopef is available as a digital publication. It can also be downloaded in PDF format.

The project activity within renewable energy has continued to increase and at year-end the sector represented 30 per cent of the active portfolio. Other large sectors represented are energy efficiency, resource efficiency and sustainable consumption, all contributing to the green transition.

“Through this internationalisation support Nordic companies get better possibilities to scale up and grow. We expect the completed projects to generate investments totalling some EUR 36 million. In addition, the established business operations also create job opportunities both in the project country and in the Nordics, as more than 70 per cent of the companies make use of Nordic subcontractors,” said Mikael Reims, Vice President of Origination at NEFCO.


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