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How can we support your project?

Nopef works to strengthen the international competitiveness of Nordic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing support for demonstration, scale-up and growth of Nordic green and sustainable solutions on global markets.

You can apply for financing for feasibility studies aiming international business establishments, investments, or for demonstration projects or pilot installations in countries outside EU/Efta.

All projects supported by Nopef shall contribute to positive environmental or climate impacts. In addition supported projects shall have a Nordic interest and added-values and contribute to increased Nordic co-operation between companies and stakeholders.

Nopef works to support and contribute to the strategic priorities of the Nordic Vision 2030.


Criteria for Nopef financing

A Nordic company which has fewer than 500 employees and less than EUR 100 million in turnover.

The project contributes to positive environmental effects.

The company has sufficient resources to invest and implement international business activities in the project country, outside the EU/Efta.

The project contributes to the benefit of the Nordic countries through job creation, exports, or knowledge transfer and development.

Our latest projects

Puri Desert, Chile. Photo: Social Cities
Chile Water and wastewater

Green from grey

Danish Social Cities saved money and resources by recycling greywater in one of the driest places on Earth.

Mannvit helps to harness power in the Ring of Fire
Indonesia Renewable energy

Mannvit helps to harness power in the Ring of Fire

The Icelandic engineering company Mannvit are improving the Icelandic and Indonesian economies by providing clean energy.

Davit crane by Seasight Davits
Renewable energy Taiwan

Seasight Davits’ cranes are the key to offshore wind energy

The Danish davit crane supplier’s expansion to Southeast Asia started with a feasibility study, which led to the establishment of a company in Taiwan.

New green recovery financing for Nordic SMEs

Is your internationalisation project suffering from the current economic challenges? To speed up green recovery, we are offering fast-track loan financing for Nordic small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) to help them go ahead with their plans to scale up green solutions on global markets. Read more >>

Would you like us to contact you?

For enquiries regarding a planned internationalisation, please fill in our project proposal form for an initial assessment before submitting a full application. For other enquiries please use the contact form below.

    About us

    Nopef is a project fund managed by Nefco since 2014 and financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The primary objective is to support the internationalisation of Nordic small and medium-sized (SMEs) and midcap companies outside the EU/Efta by offering grants for feasibility studies. Over the years, some 3000 projects have received financing from Nopef, resulting in more than 1,000 established businesses outside the Nordic countries.


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