Nopef to fund 43 new feasibility studies

Nopef has approved financing for 43 new projects in 2017 for a total value of approx. EUR 1.3 million. The funded companies are expected to raise total investments of EUR 86 million once they establish a local presence in the project countries.

“We see a strong interest for the feasibility study grants and we have approved projects in several new countries this year. The amount of applications received in the two first quarters is in line with previous years, but geographically we have a more diversified project portfolio than before, with increased activity in Southeast Asia and Africa,” says Senior Manager Mikael Reims at NEFCO.

The countries represented among the new projects are spread over 22 countries in all continents and include, for example, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Cambodia, Kenya, Uganda, Australia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Russia, Canada and the US.

Nopef finances feasibility studies within green growth for projects and investments that contribute to, for example, energy efficiency, reduced use of resources and the development of sustainable energy and innovations. These new projects represent a wide range of sectors including production of components, services and consulting within the wind sector, biofuel and bioenergy plants, innovative energy and energy saving solutions, environmental consulting services, water saving systems and products for households, waste management solutions, environment-friendly technology for the forest industry, LED lighting solutions, green ventilation and cooling systems, products for sustainable fishing, production of resource saving agricultural machinery, as well as installation and service of solar systems.