Nopef’s business operations 2015

Nopef’s levels of project activity developed positively in 2015 and all objectives were achieved during the fiscal year. Nopef’s credit committee met for eight sessions over the year to approve a total of 73 new conditional loans to a value of EUR 2.4 million, compared to the previous year’s EUR 2.1 million for 66 approved projects.

Over the year, a total of 104 new applications for pilot study financing were registered, with the previous year being 100. A milestone was reached in the autumn of 2015 when Nopef received and approved its 5000th application for pilot study financing.

All projects approved in 2015 are expected to contribute to green growth in the project countries and in the Nordic countries. The approved projects include technology and innovations in energy efficiency, ICT, construction, environmental measuring systems, automation, materials technology, waste management and renewable energy such as bio energy, wind power, solar and small-scale hydropower.

Nopef’s approved projects are distributed globally as follows: Asia 29%, North America 25%, South America 16%, Europe 15%, Africa 11% and Australia 4%. Compared with the previous year, activity growth was strongest in USA and Africa, whilst levels dropped in China, Brazil, India and Russia.

Nopef’s business operations in 2015 resulted in a total of 40 Nordic foreign set-ups across 18 project countries. The total realisation rate for completed projects thereby increased to 57% compared with 52% in the previous year.

Nopef’s customer survey, carried out for the second consecutive year, shows that the foreign set-ups implemented with support from Nopef create an average of 14 new jobs, two of which are in the Nordic countries. According to the survey, the project also contributes to the creation of investments of EUR 1 million in the project countries. A clear majority of the companies consider the support to have been particularly significant for the creation and implementation of the project.

Annual report 2015 (in Swedish)