Approved projects

Granted feasibility studies

Here we are listing all projects that have been granted financing from Nopef at the end of each year.

Approved projects 2015

Company Country Business area
ABECE AB SE Environmentally friendly production of roof tiles
Air-Site AB SE Ventilation solutions
Ambertec Oy FI Measuring equipment for the paper industry
AnVa Polytech AB SE Polymer components for the industry
Aurelia Turbines Oy FI Industrial microturbines
AVA Monitoring AB SE Environmental measurement instruments and systems
AVN Hydraulik A/S DK Hydraulic technology for the wind energy sector
Blueair AB SE Air purification systems
Cabinplant A/S DK Energy-efficient technology for the food industry
Cargo & Kraft Turbin Sverige AB SE Small hydro power plants
ChargeStorm AB SE Smart charging stations for electric vehicles
Cibes Lift AB SE Energy-efficient elevators
Cimco Marine AB c/o Marine Diesel AB SE Energy-efficient diesel outboard engines
Cistes Service AB SE Ventilation technology
CO2 LIGHT A/S DK LED installations
CybAero AB SE Energy-efficient drones for civilian use
DAFA A/S DK Insulation materials for the wind power sector
Danwind ApS DK Services for the wind energy sector
Elplatek A/S DK Environmentally friendly industrial surface treatment technologies
eMaintenancE365 AB SE Analysis services for the transportation sector
Environment Solutions ApS DK Environmental protection equipment
Erfurt A/S DK Resource-saving textile production
Eton Systems AB SE Automation systems for the textile industry
FKI Fast Food Teknik a/s DK Energy-efficient technology for the food industry
Flexenclosure AB SE Energy solutions for the telecoms sector
GEFA SYSTEM AB SE Control systems for the mining industry
Green Instruments A/S DK Environmental measurement equipment for the marine sector
HØST verdien i avfall AS NO Fertilizers from organic waste
HZPC Sadokas Oy FI Seed potato cultivation
IA Industriarmatur AB SE Water technology for the energy sector
Indufor Oy FI Sustainable forestry consultation
Integra Trading ApS (CT-technologies ApS) DK Energy-efficient freezing and cooling equipment
Introteknik AB SE Coating technology for the mining industry
IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet AB SE Water purification technology
Jiffy Products International AS NO Peat briquettes for plant production sector
KSM Stoker A/S DK Energy efficient incineration plants
Loyalty Factory Aps DK Customer relationship systems for resource optimization
LSM Industries A/S DK Energy efficient industrial pumps
Mentor ehf IS Teaching systems and resource optimization
Metrum Sweden AB SE Data acquisition in the energy sector
NEPCon DK Sustainable forestry consulting
Norlax A/S DK Organic fish processing
Oatly AB SE Organic food
ØPD Group AS NO Environmentally friendly pipeline systems
Östberg Group AB SE Heat and energy recovery units
Oxeon AB SE Fiber technology for industrial use
Photocat A/S DK Coating technology for air purification
PlanEnergi DK Biomass plants
Prime Cookstoves AS NO Environmentally friendly cooking stoves
Pure Waste Textiles Oy FI Textiles made from industry waste
PureH2O A/S DK Water treatment plants
Qmatec Drilling AS NO Drilling technology for water wells
Retap Aps DK Environmentally friendly water bottles
Rydell & Lembke kyl & värmeteknik AB SE Installation of refrigeration and heating technology
Safe Ocean Service ApS DK Services for the offshore and marine sector
Sanol AB SE Biodegradable absorbents for the oil industry
SCADA International A/S DK Services for the wind energy sector
SF Marina System AB SE Environmentally sustainable floating products
Sioo Woodprotection AB SE Environmentally friendly wood treatment products
Svenska Aerogel AB SE Filtration technology for the food industry
Swede Energy Power Solutions AB SE Renewable energy projects
Tapflo AB SE Energy-saving industrial pumps
Tekmur Oy FI Hospital waste incinerators
Telcon A/S DK Consulting for the telecommunications sector
Tomax AS NO Production efficiency for the oil sector
Tor-Mo Trawl ApS DK Production of fishing equipment
Ucaria ehf. IS Production of industrial enzymes
UNIwise ApS DK Digitalization in the education sector
Vaki fiskeldiskerfi hf. IS Organic pisciculture
Valutec AB SE Energy efficient drying systems
VEIDEC AB SE Environmentally friendly chemicals
Verkis hf. IS Consultancy services for the energy sector
Wedcooling AB SE Energy efficient milk cooling tanks

Approved projects 2014

Company Country Business area
Aalborg CSP A/S DK Designing equipment for the solar energy sector
AB Krossekonomi SE Mobile crushing operations
AB Ludvig Svensson SE Production and sales of textile solutions for greenhouses
Aluflam A/S DK Industrial fire protection
Aqua Unique Norge AS NO Production of water treatment technology
Assegai Enterprises Oy FI Environmental protection education for the oil and gas industry
ATS Advanced Technical Solutions AB SE 3D scanning for industrial needs
Bach Composite Industry A/S DK Production of components for the wind energy sector
Belman A/S DK Production of compensators for the energy sector
Brighterlite Norway AS NO Supply of solar energy systems for households
C.F. Nielsen A/S DK Production of briquette solutions for industry
Cambi AS NO Treatment of sludge and biowaste
Clean Air Technologies i Helsingborg AB SE System solutions for heat recovery
Climator Sweden AB SE Products for cooling medicine
Consia ApS DK IT solutions for traffic safety and the environment
Cubility AS NO Technical equipment for the offshore industry
Dan Pig A/S DK Consultancy in the agricultural sector
Danish Management A/S DK Energy efficiency in the building sector
Dan-List Maskinfabrik A/S DK Machines for the forestry sector
DanSolar ApS DK Installation and service in the solar energy sector
Danwind Spare Parts ApS DK Technical equipment and services to the wind energy sector
DC-System Insulation A/S DK Insulation panels for the food industry
ooovent ApS DK Advice for the construction of a recycling center
EHP-Tekniikka Oy FI Supply of industrial environmental monitoring systems
Elplatek A/S DK Industrial surface treatment
EMD International A/S DK IT systems for the wind energy sector
Fastpap Oy FI Technological solutions for the paper industry
FluxSense AB SE Detection of leakage from the petrochemical industry
Forssan Seudun Kehittämiskeskus Oy FI Competence center for waste management
Green Gas AS NO Biogas plants running on organic waste
Ignitia AB SE Weather information for the agricultural sector
Intellipocket Oy FI IT solutions for replacing plastic cards
͍slensk matorka ehf. IS Environmentally friendly aquaculture
Jyden Bur A/S DK Service and installation in the agricultural sector
Logosol AB SE Delivery and installation of small-scale sawmill
MEAB Metallextraktion AB SE Hydrometallurgical laboratory equipment
NEPCon DK Consultancy in sustainable forestry
Nestor Cables Oy FI Production of optical fiber cables
Oceanvolt Oy FI Electric propulsion systems
OCS Overhead Conveyor System AB SE Material handling and transport systems
Petrostreamz AS NO Delivery of IT systems to the energy sector
Pilotfish Networks AB SE Eco driving system for bus operators
Poul Schou A/S DK Waste disposal
PQR Consult AB SE Installation technology
Promt Design AB SE Service for sawmills and paper mills
Purenviro AS NO Environmental technology for handling the air emissions
Resolux ApS DK Components for the wind energy sector
Roll-o-Matic A/S DK Machines for the production of environmentally friendly plastic bags
Safeline Sweden AB SE Elevator electronics products
Saxlund Bioenergy AB SE Modular boiler for wood fuel
Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB SE Pyrolysis plants for recycling used tires
Silvandersson Sweden AB SE Environmentally friendly products for pest control
SkyTEM Surveys ApS DK Advice for hydrogeological studies
Steinsvik Aqua AS NO Forage equipment for the aquaculture industry
Strands Fordonskomponenter AB SE Energy-efficient lighting products
TCO AS NO Service in the oil and gas sector
Time Advice A/S DK IT systems for resource utilization
Trilobite Microsystems AS NO Delivery of water treatment technology to industry
TTR Sweden AB SE Environmentally friendly flame retardants
Valka ehf IS Sales, service and installation in the fishing industry
Water Group Ltd Oy FI Wastewater treatment for the paper industry
Westmatic i Arvika AB SE Washing facilities for heavy vehicles
Windar Photonics A/S DK Technical sensors for the wind power sector
WizArts Inc A/S DK Energy control IT systems
Workspace Oy FI Working environment, design and architecture services
Ymer Technology AB SE Environmentally friendly cooling systems