New feasibility studies have been granted financing

The feasibility studies will be carried out globally, in the USA, China and Indonesia amongst other locations. The total amount of these grants is EUR 200,000.

A number of different sectors are represented amongst the granted projects and include process optimisation, technology for removing nitrogen oxides (NOx) and production of environmentally-friendly cooking stoves.
The feasibility studies are the first phase to help these Nordic companies on their way to establishing their local presence on these new markets and helping them to broaden their activities.
Last year Nopef granted financing for 66 feasibility studies to a total amount of EUR 2.1 million. A majority of the projects are carried out in USA, Brazil, China and India as well as in several African countries.
The Nordic Project Fund (Nopef) was established by the Nordic countries in 1982 and is today administered by NEFCO and financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.
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