New technology for water purification in China

Doscon 2_kroppadDoscon AS is a Norwegian company that specialises in water technology. The company was founded in 2008 and the technology it provides was developed by the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA). The company offers a concept that boosts the efficiency of processes at water purification plants. Following a feasibility study co-financed by Nopef, Doscon has set up operations in China through a company whose name will be Doscon China Ltd.

The companys main product is a control unit for chemical dosing and subsequent sludge processing. The unit automates the dosing process, assures optimal water purification and makes it possible to cut chemical consumption at purification plants by around 15–30%. Moreover, the unit ensures more consistent quality in the discharge water, and helps purification plants to comply with discharge limits to a much greater extent. Doscons products can help reduce aluminium levels in processed water, which is a major health benefit as this water is often used for drinking water. Reduced chemical content in the sludge also means that the sludge is more suitable for use as fertiliser.

Doscon is currently working on three large projects in China: two in cities close to Shanghai, and one in Huizhou, near Hong Kong. The focus of the projects in the Shanghai area is on upgrading the processing of waste water. It is usual to develop the physical infrastructure, but only Doscon supplies a unique option involving advanced technology and automation. Harsha Ratnaweera, CEO, explains that this opens the door to major savings.

After a series of tests that returned good results, Doscon decided to look for a promising international market. The Chinese market is considered to hold appreciable potential on account of its large number of processing plants for water supply and for treating waste water from households and industrial facilities. The promising conditions are further enhanced by a political decision in China to prioritise the elimination of phosphates from waste water, and by the fact that numerous new purification plants are under construction. A series of test sales made it clear to Doscon that establishing local presence in China would be essential if the company was to be able to build up long-term working relations with distributors and consultants.


Picture: Doscon AS

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