Nopef turns the spotlight on green growth and sustainable development

Pärmbild_4_kroppadNopef renews its direction to focus on financing feasibility studies for internationalisation of Nordic SMEs, within the fields of the environment, climate and green growth. This decision means that as from 2014, Nopef will be prioritising projects that contribute to direct or indirect environmental improvements and increased environmental consciousness in the project countries.

Through its new direction, Nopef will increasingly contribute to tackling the environmental, climate and energy challenges of the future and help to sustain economic growth and competitiveness within the Nordic SME sector.

Nopef is giving priority to feasibility studies for projects and investments that contribute to improving energy efficiency, reducing resource consumption, developing sustainable energy and innovations in the field of climate and the environment. Nopef is thus focusing on projects with environmental benefits by investing in more efficient manufacturing and products, modern industrial processes, environmental and refuse technology, as well as in sustainable solutions for housing, infrastructure and transport.

Under its renewed direction, Nopef will also be funding internationalisation projects that indirectly benefit the environment, such as development and deliveries of technology, automation and process equipment, IT solutions, maintenance, services and knowledge transfer. Nopef will thus support projects where positive environmental impact is achieved through efficiency measures, resource savings and increased environmental consciousness at user level.

Priority will also be given to joint Nordic projects involving participants from two or more Nordic countries, and projects of particular interest from a Nordic perspective. Nopefs geographical area of operation will remain unchanged, with funding possible for feasibility studies in countries outside the EU and EFTA.

Nopefs new direction will come into effect as from 1 January 2014. The deadline for applications concerning projects not covered by Nopefs new direction expires on 18 November 2013.

For additional information, contact:

Mikael Reims, Interim Managing Director, Nopef, + 358 9 684 0570
Lia Oker-Blom, Communications Officer, Nopef, + 358 9 684 0570


Picture: Karin Beate Nøsterud –